The Sims 3 Version

Generation 1 – Maize Spring

Prologue – Not Berry Enough

Chapter One: The Only Reason

Chapter Two: The Color of Ones Heart

Chapter Three: Alliances

Chapter Four: Invitation

Chapter Five: Hold My Hand

Chapter Six: Party Time

Chapter Seven: After Party

Chapter Eight: All I Wanted Was You

Chapter Nine: Forbidden Love

Chapter Ten: A Walk Through Hell

Chapter Eleven: Settling In

Chapter Twelve: Closer

Chapter Thirteen: Expecting the Unexpected

Chapter Fourteen: Risks

Chapter Fifteen: Triple the Trouble

Chapter Sixteen: Paparazzi

Chapter Seventeen: Can You See Me Now

Chapter Eighteen: Well, You’ve Won

Generation One Finale: No One’s Laughing

Generation Two: Estellise Estelle Spring

Generation Two Prologue: Nightmares

Chapter One: Here We Go Again

Chapter Two: An Unwelcome Visitor

Chapter Three: Deceit

Chapter Four: Sour Apple

Chapter Five: Arrival

Chapter Six: Amends

Chapter Seven Part I: Caving In  /// Chapter Seven Part II: Caving In

Chapter Eight: Finding a Place Within the Sour Apple

Chapter Nine: Speed Limits

Chapter Ten: Shiloh

Chapter Eleven: A Day of Firsts

Chapter Twelve: Matisse Inc.

Chapter Thirteen: We Are Not The World

Chapter Fourteen: The Thinnest of Maps

Chapter Fifteen: Unearthing the Roots

Chapter Sixteen: A Moment of Reprieve

Chapter Seventeen: Reunited

Chapter Eighteen: Friend or Foe

Chapter Nineteen: With Any Sort of Certainty

Chapter Twenty: Cell 53

Chapter Twenty-One: The Martyr

Chapter Twenty-Two: Rome Wasn’t Built In A Day…

Generation Two Finale: … But It Was Destroyed In One

Lux siggy

Prologue: There Are No Rose Gardens Here

Chapter One: Mixen

Chapter Two: It’s Foggy at Best


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    1. Sorry about that! ^_^ I fixed it~! Thanks for letting me know and I went and checked all the other links and they all work so you should be set!

      Thanks for reading! ❤

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