Generation Summeries

I tried to include all the information I possibly could in these summaries but I might have missed a few key details. I hope this helps anyone who doesn’t want to catch up to read the current generation OR people who might want a refresher.

Generation One: Maize Spring

 Growing up in the Sim world, Maize was always an outsider. When he begins to dress out of his color, his parents send him off to Sugar Valley in order to attend college and learn how to be a proper Berry. Largely uneducated in the ways of Berries, he is quickly labeled an outsider by the popular group. He meets a white Berry, Cream, who is picked on for the genetic mutation that took away her color and develops a crush on her. It isn’t until he sticks up for her one day that they finally become friends. The most popular man in college, Royal, begins to play nice with the duo and invites them to a party over break. Cream accepts despite Maize’s protests and gets ready for the party without Maize. Feeling guilty for letting her go alone, Maize shows up only to find out that Royal has asked out Cream. He punches Royal before storming out.

Days go by, Maize is depressed without Cream. Eventually he drives over to her house where he meets her sick mother – Velvet – and she proceeds to tell him the story about his father and her. Cream grew up knowing that her mother had been in love with Maize’s father but, because of the laws, could never be with him since they were different colors. Her heart had never mended and Cream was afraid the same would happen to her.

Maize convinces Cream that it wouldn’t be the same for them. Cream agrees to date him but decides to keep seeing Royal in order to keep suspicions off of them. Meanwhile, Maize becomes friends with two girls – Cephei and Ivy. Ivy is a med student and Cephei’s father owns an art gallery. When Cream becomes pregnant – a notion that is widely believed to be impossible between two berries of varying colors – Maize is desperate to keep Cream and his children safe. He convinces Ivy to help give birth to his children – who agrees reluctantly. Instead of one healthy baby, Cream gives birth to triplets.

Both of them drop out of college and Maize begins sculpting in Velvet’s art room. He soon gets Cephei to allow him to show his work in her father’s gallery and quickly becomes famous. This has its draw backs, as he is followed around by the media constantly. This makes it hard to see his children and Cream, which puts a strain on their relationship. Out of anger, he makes an anonymous sculpture called ‘Can You See Me Now’ of his youngest daughter, Estelle, and Cream which stirs up controversy within the Berry Mainlands. An organization called the Resistance begins to form – which is set on destroying the idea of Mixed Berries and Mixed Colored Relationships. They often use violent tactics but are rarely prosecuted by the government. On the Triplet’s thirteenth birthday they sneak out to the beach alone where they happen to run into Royal and one of Royal’s friends. It is these two men that take the life of the oldest triplet, Mithos, and ends the generation.


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