TOU:  Do not claim as your own. Do not use in a story without my permission. Do not alter their genetics (hair style and clothing is fine) without my permission.

Just click the image to download from the exchange! 😀 If someone is missing that you want to download leave me a comment and I’ll get to ASAP. :]

Generation One:

Maize Spring

Cream Storm

Mithos Aurion Spring

Pandora Spring

Mediafire Link

Generation Two:

Mediafire Link

Mediafire Link


Mediafire Link


Mediafire Link


19 thoughts on “Downloads

    1. You want her with her white hair and clothes? Or just the clothes? ^_^ Either way, it’s no problem. Would you rather her be in the exchange or a .sims package on mediafire?

      1. In white hair and clothes. She looked so cute disguised as a white berry ❤
        You should post her here too, just in case other people want her 🙂
        I prefer package 🙂

      1. and possibly Helios plz? He really does have his dads good looks. I missed the heir vote but that’s where my vote would have gone ♥

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