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The Generation Three Heiress of Chasing Rainbows is Luxanna Spring with 22 votes!

It was actually a tie between Luxanna and Helios. They both had 21 votes this morning when I tallied them up. So, I called in my brother and asked him who he preferred out of the two and he picked Luxanna. :]


Generation 2 · Generation 3

Generation 3 Heir Vote

Welcome to the Generation 3 Heir Vote for Chasing Rainbows!



The Berry Mainlands are fueding. Zinfandel Plains and Bubbleport are taking a stand for Berry rights while the rest of the nation stands strong in their old values, traditions and beliefs. The Resistance is still strong, raising an army to take back the pinnacle of entertainment and luxury that they lost. However, in order to get to Bubbleport, they have to go through Zinfandel Plains.

Please remember that hair, make up and clothing are all subject to change.

Apollo Spring



Apollo is charming. The oldest of six, he quickly came into a leadership role inside the Spring household. His younger siblings looked up to him and he always vied to set a good example for them. When Apollo starts school he finds himself being a role model for many of his peers; they rely on him for advice in a society that calls mixed berries equals but then treats them like second class citizens. As Apollo gets older some Berries speculate that he is losing his mind. Apollo doesn’t see it that way. He knows the quiet little town of Zinfandel Plains isn’t as safe as everyone would like to believe and is preparing for what he believes is the inevitable. When war rushes their doorsteps, Apollo might be the only person prepared for the tragedies that follow.

Solem Spring



Solem is part of the first set of twins, along with Luxanna. Despite being born first, he is shy and reserved; a thinker in a house full of doers. Like Apollo, he feels like the time they have left in Zinfandel Plains is limited. However, he doesn’t prepare for the coming war like it is the apocalypse. Instead he cleans out the attic and begins to build himself a space for inventing. With a drawing board for his blueprints and an inventing table for tinkering, Solem begins his quest to perfect guns and armor that he hopes will help deter an attack. Can he successfully arm a whole town by himself or will the fire power of the Resistance prove to be too much?

Luxanna Spring



Estellise always joked that Luxanna stole all of Solem’s charisma and ferocity in the womb. Lux is stubborn where Solem is flexible; dominant where Solem is submissive.  Perhaps the reason Luxanna was given an extra dose of strength and resilience is because the All Mighty Berry knew she would need it. Luxanna has been homeless most of her life. She can’t remember much about her home or her family – just her younger brother Helios and that they lived in Zinfandel Plains. She manages to scrounge by in Starburst Shores with the help of friends and a few five finger discounts. One night she saves a young boy from trouble and he insists she come to his home for a reward. At first she is reluctant to agree but eventually she caves and arrives at a mansion, of all places. Will the wealthy family that resides inside it be her salvation or her downfall?

Helios Spring



Helios inherited more than his father’s good looks. He also inherited his father’s reckless nature and thrill seeking attitude. Whenever his parents said he couldn’t do something he just had to do it. The more they emphasized the dangers, the more likely he was to engage in it. Helios had broken just about every bone in his body by the times he was seven. When he finds himself and Luxanna in a perilous predicament it is out of instinct that he willingly sacrifices himself so she can have a chance at escape. Sold to a wealthy family in Starburst Shores for a pretty penny, Helios has a lot on his plate. Can he successfully navigate high society and falling in love while searching for his family and, more importantly to him, Luxanna?

Lightning Spring



Lightning’s mouth lives up to her name. She’s sharp tongued and witty. Despite this, or perhaps because of it, she has a hard time making friends. She just doesn’t understand why girls like to spend hours on clothes and make-up – girls like her twin sister, Nova. She enjoys running more than gossiping and sweat more than perfume. One night, while on her usual run, she sees something she wasn’t supposed to and her whole life is changed. Will she be able to handle life in the fast lane or will end up in the dust?

Nova Spring



Nova’s whole life is drowned in hair and clothes. Ever since she was a toddler she was called cute. Adorable. She yearns for attention and isn’t afraid to flaunt her beauty to the world. What she is afraid of is failure and rejection. As a mixed berry, she receives tons of both from the pure berries who hold no ill will towards her kind but do not see them as equals. When a pure-bred berry transfers into her school, the hallways erupt into rumors and chaos. All Nova knows is that she is drawn to him – to his status – like a moth to a flame. But there is more to this boy than Nova could possibly know.

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Apollo: 7
Solem: 4
Luxanna: 17
Helios: 15
Lightning: 5
Nova: 5