Casting Call for Chasing Rainbows

Hey guys.


I am going to completely reboot the Chasing Rainbows story using the sims 4. ^_^ I have a casting call located on the forums if you’d like to submit your sim there, or you can leave a comment down here.

You do not have to have colorful skins in your game in order to submit a sim. Just let me know what color you wish your sim to be and I will make it happen. I have all the sims 4 packs/expansions and I do not mind CC.

I need 4-5 characters (Royal, Cephei, Ivy and Scarlett) for the first generation!

Please use the hashtag #ChasingRainbows when you upload them. <3

Gallery ID:
Character Name:
CC Links:
I am the color:
Background (optional):


6 thoughts on “Casting Call for Chasing Rainbows

  1. Aaahhh!! Super excited! I don’t have the Sims 4, so I can’t participate (unless the Create-A-Sim demo is still available somehow?), but I’m definitely interested to see the Sims people come up with for this 🙂

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