Another update

I did decide to start a new, non berry, legacy called The Landon Legacy.

However, I did also create Maize and Cream in the sims 4, and I’m kinda in love with them. I was thinking about re-writing the whole Chasing Rainbows legacy over again (re-creating the scenes in sims 4, getting rid of typos, getting rid of some cringy parts AND adding some details I had wanted to sneak in but forgot to). I could also just play with these two love bird off screen and try to catch all the way up to Lux’s generation in game and just continue from there. What do you guys think?

Either way, here are Maize and Cream in their new world :]

03-13-17_1-11-25 AM03-13-17_1-11-38 AM





4 thoughts on “Another update

  1. maize and cream look absolutely amazing, and as much as i want you to redo it, i don’t want you to go through all that trouble. playing offscreen with them and catching up to luxanna’s generation would totally be okay too. but whatever works with you 🙂

  2. I agree with Ash above. I feel like you’ve built up such a great universe and context for future generations and I’d love to see your story continue 🙂 Whatever you decide, I’ll read your story (and also SotPT if you decide to continue that) – thank you so much for this update 🙂

      1. ^_^ Awh, thank you! Well, I’m decently far into the Landon Legacy, and don’t plan on stopping it, so right now that story is my focus. I do still want to continue Chasing Rainbows, but if I do, I believe I will end up just re-writing the legacy and starting it over from scratch in the Sims 4 (which means re-posting all the old chapters) so it will be a while before any new content comes out.

        As for SotPT, I am probably just going to use that story in either the Landon’s or somewhere in Chasing Rainbow. I won’t be continuing it, since I really want to start up another story I was inspired to do recently.

        Thank you for supporting me! It really means a lot.

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