Some men die under mountains looking for gold; some men die looking for a hand to hold

AN: This has nothing to do with Chasing Rainbows. It’s an entry for Nessa’s Story Contest on tumblr. I’m putting it here as well in case she wants to read it in one place and not over multiple posts.
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                The first time I saw Amber there was only one real word that crossed my mind: pathetic.

She was small and weak; depression and anger rolling off of her thin frame in waves. It consumed her but she was unable to remedy the source of her emotions. She was a human, overwhelmed by the loss of meaningless and trivial lives of another human she held dear to her. Revolting, really.

                My plans for her stretched as far as any other human’s had since I had been turned twenty years ago: relishing in the delicate palate that was human blood. Delighting in the broken screams that ripped from their throats as flesh was torn from bone. Yes, I had every intention of ending her hollow existence that night.

                Then something changed. I couldn’t tell you what it was – there was nothing special about the specimen I had been stalking for several months – but it did. The desire to rip the soft tissue from her throat subsided with another, more subtle, craving rising to take its place. The sensation wasn’t new to me. No, the yearning for power had burned brightly within me for years when I had been human. This. This was different, though. I did not want the power for myself. Instead, I wanted to bestow it upon this girl – this weak, pathetic human. I suppose I saw some of my former self in her. She was used. Broken. Scarred. And I had the power to ensure she would never be harmed again – the strength to ensure she would never again be mistreated.

                And those were the words I whispered against her lips right before I turned her.


Twenty years later and that night still resonates in my mind. Had I done the right thing? I could have handled the situation better, sure, but hindsight was always 20/20. I had made the split second decision to turn Amber into a vampire instead of a corpse mere seconds before my fangs had pierced her skin. Perhaps that was why I fled the scene; had left her in the cold dark to turn alone. I hadn’t been prepared to sire anyone, hadn’t ever felt the desire, until her empty eyes turned up into mine.

A sigh escaped my parted lips and I rolled onto my side, “The sun is almost out, I should go to sleep.” I pulled dirty sheets over my head in an attempt to blank out the world. It was no use.


Her eyes followed me.


It was dark. Street lights and apartment complexes already dotted the horizon in place of stars as I flew up the stairwell. I would make it in time. I would stop her. I would fix things. I had to fix things. My legs moved with the fury only super natural’s possessed. If I had been human my breathing would have been labored; chest rapidly rising and falling, but I wasn’t. I was dead.

 The metal door separating me from my goal swung open, barely staying on the hinges as my eyes wildly scanned the rooftop. She was there, leaning over the railing. Sorrow rolled off of her in waves and my gut twisted into something akin to guilt.

I reached out towards her lithe frame, her name spilling from my lips. Auburn hair became disheveled in the wind as she slowly turned her attention to me, wide eyes filled with hatred and pain.


Just make her come back. Make her come with you. But every word I spoke sent her closer to the edge. Her sneakers shuffled up onto the railing, balancing precariously as she glanced backwards at the 100 foot drop. It would kill any human.

She wasn’t a human anymore.


                One step back was all it took to send her tumbling over the edge. Hair whipped around her face as she fell, head first, into the concrete below.

“Amber!” Her named died on my tongue as my eyes snapped open. I was in my bedroom. It had only been a dream.


“Still hung up on her, huh?”

“Shut up.” I hissed, still half asleep, but so used to Ezra’s teasing that his voice didn’t even startle me.

“Bro, you can’t seriously be thinking about denying it. You call out for her in your sleep every. Single. Night.”


I didn’t bother responding to the young vampire. His eyes glimmered with humor as he gazed down at me, “You even have her poster up on your wall!”

“You don’t know if that’s her.” I found myself hissing, shoving the dark haired boy off of my bed. His deep laughter filled the silence as he stumbled away from me.

“True,” He half chuckled, “But it’s the only thing in your room besides your bed. Oh, and her name happens to be Amber.”

“Would you shut the fuck up, you’re giving me a fucking headache and I just woke up.”

Screenshot-699 Screenshot-700

“How would Ms. Lineby feel if she knew her cabana boy was secretly in love with the lead guitarist of Night Crawlers?” Ezra continued his taunting, gracefully dodging my hand as I swiped at him.

“Here’s a better question: Why are you in my room while I sleep? Got a little crush yourself, faggot?” My words were harsh, tone bitter.

His smirk only widened at my obvious annoyance, “No, I actually came to give you something.”

The tension building between my shoulder blades only grew at his statement, “I don’t want a BJ from you.”


Ezra fell into a fit of laughter, waving his index finger at me in amusement, “Good one, but no,” He reached into his back pocket and pulled out a piece of paper, “I was actually going to tell you that the Night Crawlers are in town. They have a show tonight.”

“I know that.”

“Well… I took the liberty of purchasing you a ticket.” He grinned.

I raised an eyebrow, taking the ticket Ezra held delicately, “That’s not my scene.”

“Bullshit. You get out there and make that bitch notice you. I don’t want to hear you moaning her name in your sleep for another goddamn decade.”

My eye narrowed dangerously, “Fuck you.”

“No, fuck her.” Ezra stated, smiling victoriously as he left the room.


I looked down at the ticket and all the irritation flooded out of my system in one elongated sigh. Amber wouldn’t want to see me. I was sure she still hated me, even twenty years later. Hell, she probably despised me more now than ever.

Still, I pulled my pants on.

How would I know if I didn’t try?


AN: If you want to know what happens at the concert read Nessa’s Chapter here.

Also, this is where you can see what happened with Sky and Amber during their first encounter through Amber’s Eyes.

Sky is my sim and Amber is Nessa’s. This isn’t necessarily cannon to her story unless she decides it is, it’s basically just a fanfic. x]

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