Halloween Special 2012


‘I’m not coming out like this.’ The piece of paper I slipped under the door read. Noir and Pandora had lost their mind if they thought I was walking out of this bathroom, let alone going out into the real world, in this costume. I tugged on the hem of my white skirt, trying my best to hide my exposed legs, as Noir’s voice vibrated through the air.

“At least let us see what it looks like on you.”


‘It looks like you bought me an outfit meant for a thirteen year old.’ I retorted on a new slip of paper, arms crossed over my bare stomach. The only part of the costume I liked was the fuzzy white and pink ears that sprouted from my head and the bunny nose Pandora had painted on my face before leaving me alone to change.

Deep rich laughter rang out and I instinctually smiled in response, “Estelle, every girl is going to look like that.”

I mulled over his words for a moment, biting my bottom lip as I debated whether or not I should let Noir and Pandora see the skimpy costume they had chosen for me. A deep breath and a few confident boosting thoughts later and I had decided.


As soon as I stepped out I felt my cheeks flush, heat flowing up my neck and lighting up my face. Noir was waiting for me; a pair of cat ears perched on top of his head and whiskers adorning his high cheek bones. He was wearing all black, shirt and jeans carelessly ripped in several places. I found myself staring for a moment too long at his exposed chest, which did nothing to help the color of my face.

“Wow, you look…”

I held up a finger, cutting him off, before scribbling like a mad woman, ‘I look like an easy Tart!’

“No. You look good.” His compliment took me by surprise but caused my lips to twist into a smile.

‘I look ridiculous.’

“No, trust me. You look good.”

By now I was grinning up at Noir, almost comfortable in the revealing nature of my costume. If he thought I looked good, could it really be that bad?


“Let’s go find Pandora.” Noir held his hand out; with only slight hesitation I placed mine inside his large, calloused one. My skin caught on fire as it grazed his and my stomach began to twirl anxiously as he led me down the hall. I wasn’t accustomed to walking in high heels and was a little wobbly on my feet as we turned into the front living room and kitchen area. Luckily Noir was steady on his and manage to balance me out every time I lost my footing.

The kitchen was deserted at the moment – only bowls of candy graced the counter tops. I wasn’t really sure why my parents always bought tons of sweets for this holiday – we lived too far out to ever get any trick-or-treaters – but every year we obtained enough junk food to last us through winter.


Noir helped himself to one of the bowls as we waited in silence for my sister to make her entrance. It didn’t take long, thankfully, for her silver locks to bounce into view. Her maid’s uniform was doused in fake blood, splatters of it dripping down her arms and smeared around her lips. I couldn’t help the frown that pulled at my lips.

‘But Panda gets to be fully covered?!’ I scribbled, thrusting the note into Noir’s face. His brilliant eyes danced with amusement as a devilish grin spread across his lips.


“Next time you should come with us to pick out your costume.”

‘But I asked to be a bunny. Bunnies are covered in fur.’ If my writing had a voice it would have been a whine.


Noir strolled around the island that separated the two of us, his large frame looming over mine. I stumbled backwards, stopping when my backside crashed into the sink behind me. He bent down so his lips barely grazed my ear lope before whispering, “Not playboy bunnies.”

His husky voice did little to quell the butterflies that swirled inside my middle – his hot breath fanning my bare neck only causing me to become more aware of how exposed I was. I unconsciously yanked on my skirt to no avail; heart racing as Noir leisurely pulled his face away from mine.


“Noir, if you do not put ten feet between yourself and my sister in the next two seconds I’ll have some real blood to add to this costume.” Panda warned.

His deep chuckle nearly caused me to melt on the spot, “As you wish.” He murmured, never breaking eye-contact with me as he raised his hands up in the air innocently.

“That’s better. You best keep your hands there, if you know what’s good for you.”

He rolled his eyes at Pandora’s threats but didn’t say anything to rile her up, which was unusual. I hadn’t known the purple ‘bow for long but he had given me the impression of someone who would hold his tongue – even amidst Pandora’s threats. Panda soon had me distracted from my thoughts as she praised my costume, hair and make-up. She proceeded to inform me that, despite her distain for Noir, that he wasn’t lying. Apparently it was common for girls of all ages to dress up like cheap tarts for the evening. Noir put in his two-cents, of course, which suggested that he thought this fact was the best part of the holiday.

Figures, he was the typical boy.

After Pandora and Noir decided I was sufficiently convinced and prepared for our Halloween adventure the two of them ushered me into the brisk autumn air and into the questionably safe purple car owned by Noir. I had no idea what the two of them had in mind for the night, as I had not been included in the preparations, but from the eggs, toilet paper and silly string that was next to us I got the feeling it wasn’t good.

My thoughts were confirmed when we arrived in a small suburb – small children running around in costumes, teenagers stealing their younger sibling’s candy and parents desperately trying to keep control over the situation. I found myself biting my bottom lip when Noir pulled his car up on a curb before climbing out of his vehicle with that same devilish grin.

“So, what do you want to do first?”


Pandora shot me a similar look before she followed Noir’s example, “Well, we could tee-pee some trees or egg a house.”

“Or we could egg some kids.” Noir suggested.


I could hardly believe we were about to engage in criminal actions at all but I drew the line at bullying, ‘We are NOT going to hurt children!’ I retraced the word not numerous times; making sure it was big and bold before I allowed my sister and Noir to read it.

Noir frowned but Pandora wrapped a supportive arm around me, “It’s alright. We won’t do anything you aren’t ok with.” She reassured. I almost voiced my aversion for doing any of the activities they had mentioned but decided that I would go ahead with it, if only for one house.

Noir gathered the items from his car into his arms, handing off the toilet paper to Pandora and the silly string to me before we started off down the street. I was not sure what they were looking for, exactly, but eventually they found a house they deemed worthy of their abuse – a house that had no Halloween decorations in sight. The front lawn was garnished with a large tree – leaves already turning golden browns and bright oranges.


“This one is perfect.” Pandora chimed, arm already pulled back and armed with a roll of toilet paper. I watched with mixed emotions as it soared through the air, paper tangling in thick branches before the roll crashed back down to the grass below. Pandora was giggling as she raced to the trunk of the tree, picking up the roll only to throw it again. It didn’t take long for Noir to join in and between the two of them the whole tree was ensnared in bathroom toiletries within minutes.

The duo returned to my side as soon as their task was accomplished, huge grins on their faces and laughing pouring from their lips. I was not as amused as them but still held my tongue – or  hand – as they began to retrieve three eggs from one of the crates. Pandora went first again, creeping through the lawn as quickly and quietly as possible. I made no such attempts at stealth as I followed behind her, Noir picking up the rear.


“You know, you might have more fun if you participate.”

I went to write something akin to ‘this isn’t my idea of fun’ but I didn’t get the chance. One of his large hands found my pad before I even had the chance to open it, “Just try it.” His smile was infectious as he tossed one of the eggs in his possession to me. I fumbled, almost dropping the egg, before the cool shell was safely in my palms.

Apprehension filled my gut as I watched Noir chuck his remaining egg at the house, Pandora unloading as many as she could. The small egg felt firm in my hand and as I looked from Noir to Panda – who both seemed to be having so much fun – I decided that one more egg couldn’t do any harm.


I wound my arm back before launching the egg at the house as hard as I could. Time nearly slowed down as I watched the egg soar towards the front porch with a sick fascination. When the egg connected with the front door, splattering open and coating the house in the yolk, I couldn’t help the giggle that bubbled out of my throat. Noir’s smiled widened, if that was possible, and Pandora stopped her assault to gaze at me in astonishment before all three of us busted out into full blown laughter.


“YOU HOLIGANS,” Our laughter was cut off as a furious old man’s yelling sliced through the air, “I’m gonna call the cops on ya’ll!”

“Time to run!” Panda squealed, bending down to collect the rest of our supplies before she sprinted off the lawn. Noir followed suit and soon I was stumbling after them. I kept losing my balance, heels sinking into the grass, and was nowhere near as fast as my sister or Noir. Lucky for me, Noir noticed.

“Estelle, come on!” He shouted over his shoulder. I rolled my eyes. Did he really think I was purposely moving at the pace of a snail?

When he realized that I couldn’t ‘come on’, his purple form paused before rushing back towards me. For a moment I was afraid he might just run over me – he was moving so fast – but before I could even comprehend what had had happened my feet left the ground. Everything was a blur as the street-lights and houses flipped around, my bare stomach eventually finding rest on a cotton clad shoulder.


He had flung be around like a bag of potatoes.

I made the most dignified noise I could make, which only caused him to laugh, before my hair was whipping in the wind as he ran after Pandora through the night. When Pandora and Noir stopped their fleeing, and I was safely on my feet again, the laughter that had been interrupted before continued.


I couldn’t explain why we laughed – perhaps it was the rush of the whole situation – but the fit lasted so long that eventually my abs hurt. I couldn’t remember a time when I had laughed so hard and so long before.


“That was amazing.” Pandora managed in between her giggles. Noir nodded in response and I gave her a quick thumbs up.

“Next house?” Noir asked, looking from Panda to me with excitement oozing from his every pore.

I nodded as Pandora cheered. She was practically skipping as she led the way, dodging young children as they compared candies with each other. Panda and Noir conversed loudly with each other as I listened in, content to take in the night sky and relish the cool breeze against my skin. I wasn’t really paying attention to what was going on around us until Noir grabbed my wrist, pulling me into his hard chest without warning.


It wasn’t until my confused eyes met his worried ones that I my ears began to hear the shouts from across the street.


“Mixed Berries are abominations!”

The sound of something squishing was echoing around us and my eyes fell to the asphalt below. Broken egg shells were strewn across the road, yolks mixing with dirt and fallen leaves. Noir’s arms wrapped around me, hands resting on the small of my back, as I realized he was using himself to shield me from their attacks.


“You little brats!” I heard Pandora yell as she ran full speed after the teenagers, “Let’s see how you like it!”

I couldn’t see her over Noir’s wide shoulders but the image of her chasing two boys down the street – chucking her own batch of eggs at them – penetrated my mind and brought a weak smile to my lips.


“Are you ok?” Noir’s voice was laced with concern as he gazed down at me.

I nodded, pulling out of his arms to look up into his face, ‘Thank you.’ I signed – something the two of us had been working on learning together for the past few weeks.

He shrugged, signing back, ‘No problem.’

‘You didn’t have to do that.’ I needed my pen and paper to communicate this to him – neither of us were very advanced with our signing yet.

“Ah, there’s something you can do to make us even…” He murmured, smile returning to his lips.



“This,” He didn’t explain but instead lowered his face to mine, lips lingering just centimeters from my lipstick clad ones. His breath fanned across my cheeks and I knew that my face was as red as an apple again. My eyes drifted shut as I waited for what I could only imagine would be sweet perfection.

What I got was gooey yolk running down my face.

Noir laughed, loud and boisterous, as he backed away and began jogging away from me. I stood there, shocked and disgusted, as I wiped the remnants of egg from my chin and cheek. Disappointment filled my being but I smiled, chasing after Noir all the same.


Perhaps Halloween wasn’t that bad after all.


A/N: Please remember that nothing in this story is cannon – it is not part of the main storyline.

However, when I finished writing this special I realized it probably could have been a chapter in Estelle’s generation anyways. ❤

Hope you all enjoyed it!

If you check out my Simblr there will be Halloween pictures of the whole family posted soon.


14 thoughts on “Halloween Special 2012

  1. Hi Arrow: Just read chapter 3 and your Halloween special and both were very good. Nice that Estelle and her sister along with Noir had fun even though it was mischievous. Sorry that Panda had been keeping secrets in the previous chapter but nice to see Estelle coming out.

  2. KYAAAAA!!!!!! THE CUTE!!!!!
    *fangirls* *flails*
    I LOVED IT!!! (except the fact that every single damn sim in every single legacy is stick thin. Bye-bye self confidence I’ve been trying o rebuild since yesterday when mom bullied me)
    And, btw, Noir actually means black… awkward

    1. Thanks. :]

      And yeah, there’s really no medium build in the sims. The sliders basically make you go from stick to big, and I plan on having a bigger heir eventually, or did. If I even decide to start writing for this again (which I think about all the time… and then don’t. :/). I wish there was a way to make sims have healthy looking builds, since most of my sims aren’t even on the lowest setting. lol

      Ah, his name is Pinot Noir. Like the wine. It’s why his hue of red is darker and redder. 😀

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