Halloween Special 2012


‘I’m not coming out like this.’ The piece of paper I slipped under the door read. Noir and Pandora had lost their mind if they thought I was walking out of this bathroom, let alone going out into the real world, in this costume. I tugged on the hem of my white skirt, trying my best to hide my exposed legs, as Noir’s voice vibrated through the air.

“At least let us see what it looks like on you.”


‘It looks like you bought me an outfit meant for a thirteen year old.’ I retorted on a new slip of paper, arms crossed over my bare stomach. The only part of the costume I liked was the fuzzy white and pink ears that sprouted from my head and the bunny nose Pandora had painted on my face before leaving me alone to change.

Deep rich laughter rang out and I instinctually smiled in response, “Estelle, every girl is going to look like that.”

I mulled over his words for a moment, biting my bottom lip as I debated whether or not I should let Noir and Pandora see the skimpy costume they had chosen for me. A deep breath and a few confident boosting thoughts later and I had decided.


As soon as I stepped out I felt my cheeks flush, heat flowing up my neck and lighting up my face. Noir was waiting for me; a pair of cat ears perched on top of his head and whiskers adorning his high cheek bones. He was wearing all black, shirt and jeans carelessly ripped in several places. I found myself staring for a moment too long at his exposed chest, which did nothing to help the color of my face.

“Wow, you look…”

I held up a finger, cutting him off, before scribbling like a mad woman, ‘I look like an easy Tart!’

“No. You look good.” His compliment took me by surprise but caused my lips to twist into a smile.

‘I look ridiculous.’

“No, trust me. You look good.”

By now I was grinning up at Noir, almost comfortable in the revealing nature of my costume. If he thought I looked good, could it really be that bad?


“Let’s go find Pandora.” Noir held his hand out; with only slight hesitation I placed mine inside his large, calloused one. My skin caught on fire as it grazed his and my stomach began to twirl anxiously as he led me down the hall. I wasn’t accustomed to walking in high heels and was a little wobbly on my feet as we turned into the front living room and kitchen area. Luckily Noir was steady on his and manage to balance me out every time I lost my footing.

The kitchen was deserted at the moment – only bowls of candy graced the counter tops. I wasn’t really sure why my parents always bought tons of sweets for this holiday – we lived too far out to ever get any trick-or-treaters – but every year we obtained enough junk food to last us through winter.


Noir helped himself to one of the bowls as we waited in silence for my sister to make her entrance. It didn’t take long, thankfully, for her silver locks to bounce into view. Her maid’s uniform was doused in fake blood, splatters of it dripping down her arms and smeared around her lips. I couldn’t help the frown that pulled at my lips.

‘But Panda gets to be fully covered?!’ I scribbled, thrusting the note into Noir’s face. His brilliant eyes danced with amusement as a devilish grin spread across his lips.


“Next time you should come with us to pick out your costume.”

‘But I asked to be a bunny. Bunnies are covered in fur.’ If my writing had a voice it would have been a whine.


Noir strolled around the island that separated the two of us, his large frame looming over mine. I stumbled backwards, stopping when my backside crashed into the sink behind me. He bent down so his lips barely grazed my ear lope before whispering, “Not playboy bunnies.”

His husky voice did little to quell the butterflies that swirled inside my middle – his hot breath fanning my bare neck only causing me to become more aware of how exposed I was. I unconsciously yanked on my skirt to no avail; heart racing as Noir leisurely pulled his face away from mine.


“Noir, if you do not put ten feet between yourself and my sister in the next two seconds I’ll have some real blood to add to this costume.” Panda warned.

His deep chuckle nearly caused me to melt on the spot, “As you wish.” He murmured, never breaking eye-contact with me as he raised his hands up in the air innocently.

“That’s better. You best keep your hands there, if you know what’s good for you.”

He rolled his eyes at Pandora’s threats but didn’t say anything to rile her up, which was unusual. I hadn’t known the purple ‘bow for long but he had given me the impression of someone who would hold his tongue – even amidst Pandora’s threats. Panda soon had me distracted from my thoughts as she praised my costume, hair and make-up. She proceeded to inform me that, despite her distain for Noir, that he wasn’t lying. Apparently it was common for girls of all ages to dress up like cheap tarts for the evening. Noir put in his two-cents, of course, which suggested that he thought this fact was the best part of the holiday.

Figures, he was the typical boy.

After Pandora and Noir decided I was sufficiently convinced and prepared for our Halloween adventure the two of them ushered me into the brisk autumn air and into the questionably safe purple car owned by Noir. I had no idea what the two of them had in mind for the night, as I had not been included in the preparations, but from the eggs, toilet paper and silly string that was next to us I got the feeling it wasn’t good.

My thoughts were confirmed when we arrived in a small suburb – small children running around in costumes, teenagers stealing their younger sibling’s candy and parents desperately trying to keep control over the situation. I found myself biting my bottom lip when Noir pulled his car up on a curb before climbing out of his vehicle with that same devilish grin.

“So, what do you want to do first?”


Pandora shot me a similar look before she followed Noir’s example, “Well, we could tee-pee some trees or egg a house.”

“Or we could egg some kids.” Noir suggested.


I could hardly believe we were about to engage in criminal actions at all but I drew the line at bullying, ‘We are NOT going to hurt children!’ I retraced the word not numerous times; making sure it was big and bold before I allowed my sister and Noir to read it.

Noir frowned but Pandora wrapped a supportive arm around me, “It’s alright. We won’t do anything you aren’t ok with.” She reassured. I almost voiced my aversion for doing any of the activities they had mentioned but decided that I would go ahead with it, if only for one house.

Noir gathered the items from his car into his arms, handing off the toilet paper to Pandora and the silly string to me before we started off down the street. I was not sure what they were looking for, exactly, but eventually they found a house they deemed worthy of their abuse – a house that had no Halloween decorations in sight. The front lawn was garnished with a large tree – leaves already turning golden browns and bright oranges.


“This one is perfect.” Pandora chimed, arm already pulled back and armed with a roll of toilet paper. I watched with mixed emotions as it soared through the air, paper tangling in thick branches before the roll crashed back down to the grass below. Pandora was giggling as she raced to the trunk of the tree, picking up the roll only to throw it again. It didn’t take long for Noir to join in and between the two of them the whole tree was ensnared in bathroom toiletries within minutes.

The duo returned to my side as soon as their task was accomplished, huge grins on their faces and laughing pouring from their lips. I was not as amused as them but still held my tongue – or  hand – as they began to retrieve three eggs from one of the crates. Pandora went first again, creeping through the lawn as quickly and quietly as possible. I made no such attempts at stealth as I followed behind her, Noir picking up the rear.


“You know, you might have more fun if you participate.”

I went to write something akin to ‘this isn’t my idea of fun’ but I didn’t get the chance. One of his large hands found my pad before I even had the chance to open it, “Just try it.” His smile was infectious as he tossed one of the eggs in his possession to me. I fumbled, almost dropping the egg, before the cool shell was safely in my palms.

Apprehension filled my gut as I watched Noir chuck his remaining egg at the house, Pandora unloading as many as she could. The small egg felt firm in my hand and as I looked from Noir to Panda – who both seemed to be having so much fun – I decided that one more egg couldn’t do any harm.


I wound my arm back before launching the egg at the house as hard as I could. Time nearly slowed down as I watched the egg soar towards the front porch with a sick fascination. When the egg connected with the front door, splattering open and coating the house in the yolk, I couldn’t help the giggle that bubbled out of my throat. Noir’s smiled widened, if that was possible, and Pandora stopped her assault to gaze at me in astonishment before all three of us busted out into full blown laughter.


“YOU HOLIGANS,” Our laughter was cut off as a furious old man’s yelling sliced through the air, “I’m gonna call the cops on ya’ll!”

“Time to run!” Panda squealed, bending down to collect the rest of our supplies before she sprinted off the lawn. Noir followed suit and soon I was stumbling after them. I kept losing my balance, heels sinking into the grass, and was nowhere near as fast as my sister or Noir. Lucky for me, Noir noticed.

“Estelle, come on!” He shouted over his shoulder. I rolled my eyes. Did he really think I was purposely moving at the pace of a snail?

When he realized that I couldn’t ‘come on’, his purple form paused before rushing back towards me. For a moment I was afraid he might just run over me – he was moving so fast – but before I could even comprehend what had had happened my feet left the ground. Everything was a blur as the street-lights and houses flipped around, my bare stomach eventually finding rest on a cotton clad shoulder.


He had flung be around like a bag of potatoes.

I made the most dignified noise I could make, which only caused him to laugh, before my hair was whipping in the wind as he ran after Pandora through the night. When Pandora and Noir stopped their fleeing, and I was safely on my feet again, the laughter that had been interrupted before continued.


I couldn’t explain why we laughed – perhaps it was the rush of the whole situation – but the fit lasted so long that eventually my abs hurt. I couldn’t remember a time when I had laughed so hard and so long before.


“That was amazing.” Pandora managed in between her giggles. Noir nodded in response and I gave her a quick thumbs up.

“Next house?” Noir asked, looking from Panda to me with excitement oozing from his every pore.

I nodded as Pandora cheered. She was practically skipping as she led the way, dodging young children as they compared candies with each other. Panda and Noir conversed loudly with each other as I listened in, content to take in the night sky and relish the cool breeze against my skin. I wasn’t really paying attention to what was going on around us until Noir grabbed my wrist, pulling me into his hard chest without warning.


It wasn’t until my confused eyes met his worried ones that I my ears began to hear the shouts from across the street.


“Mixed Berries are abominations!”

The sound of something squishing was echoing around us and my eyes fell to the asphalt below. Broken egg shells were strewn across the road, yolks mixing with dirt and fallen leaves. Noir’s arms wrapped around me, hands resting on the small of my back, as I realized he was using himself to shield me from their attacks.


“You little brats!” I heard Pandora yell as she ran full speed after the teenagers, “Let’s see how you like it!”

I couldn’t see her over Noir’s wide shoulders but the image of her chasing two boys down the street – chucking her own batch of eggs at them – penetrated my mind and brought a weak smile to my lips.


“Are you ok?” Noir’s voice was laced with concern as he gazed down at me.

I nodded, pulling out of his arms to look up into his face, ‘Thank you.’ I signed – something the two of us had been working on learning together for the past few weeks.

He shrugged, signing back, ‘No problem.’

‘You didn’t have to do that.’ I needed my pen and paper to communicate this to him – neither of us were very advanced with our signing yet.

“Ah, there’s something you can do to make us even…” He murmured, smile returning to his lips.



“This,” He didn’t explain but instead lowered his face to mine, lips lingering just centimeters from my lipstick clad ones. His breath fanned across my cheeks and I knew that my face was as red as an apple again. My eyes drifted shut as I waited for what I could only imagine would be sweet perfection.

What I got was gooey yolk running down my face.

Noir laughed, loud and boisterous, as he backed away and began jogging away from me. I stood there, shocked and disgusted, as I wiped the remnants of egg from my chin and cheek. Disappointment filled my being but I smiled, chasing after Noir all the same.


Perhaps Halloween wasn’t that bad after all.


A/N: Please remember that nothing in this story is cannon – it is not part of the main storyline.

However, when I finished writing this special I realized it probably could have been a chapter in Estelle’s generation anyways. ❤

Hope you all enjoyed it!

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Chapter Three: Deceit

To say that things were strained in my house would be an understatement.


Mema had taken a turn for the worse recently – her fever would flare up to dangerous levels, her skin becoming chalky and pale. Sometimes she wouldn’t remember who I was, nor who Mama was, and she often had episodes of severe trembling. Mama wasn’t taking this turn of events well but she was putting on a brave face for the moment – something that I hadn’t seen since Mithos’ death. It was heartbreaking to see my Mema in such pain and agony, unable to even feed herself without assistance.

It was also painful to listen to my Mama scream at Dad.


It had only started recently, right after Mema’s health began plummeting down this endless dark spiral. She had called him that night and begged him to come home. I’m not quite sure what he said but however he had attempted to compromise with her, it had set Mama off into a rampage of curse words. She spat hateful statements that I never thought she would be capable of saying. Dad did come home that night – turns out he had been in Bubbleport doing an art show – but Mama wasn’t very grateful. Her eyes lit up for a split second when he walked through the door – like they always did – before the white’s lost their warmth and the fighting began.


The worst part, by far, was Pandora’s secrets. She was my big sister – even if it was only by a few minutes – and had always been the glue that held me together. Until now we had never had any secrets between us – never attempted to keep any information locked behind our pretty pearl teeth. When she had first started her escapades out in town, I was privy to everything she experienced – her first kiss, her flings. Confidential information that was never allowed to grace my parent’s ears was always told to me in private. But not anymore.

Pandora wasn’t just keeping a secret from me. She was blatantly lying to me. I had confronted her about her late night escapades when they began to happen more frequently. She denied they had ever happened at all. First she tried to convince me that I must have been sleeping – having a weird dream. When she saw that I was clearly not swayed by this diversion she had made up an excuse – claiming she had just been going out with Ocean to their normal late night excursions. When I brought up the purple ‘bow, how I had seen him on the first night, she laughed and said that I needed glasses. Pandora made up some story about the guy I had seen was Ocean’s boyfriend – not the man that had been stalking our house for days.


I had no proof. No hard evidence. When I tried to push harder, insisting that I knew what I had seen, Pandora feigned hurt. She guilt tripped me into silence – claiming that she had never done anything to cause me not to trust her. I didn’t have a valid response so I dropped my interrogation, deciding that I would rather not fight with her when I already had so much on my plate.

Today was one of those days when I had a lot on my plate.

Pandora had snuck off in the afternoon – said she was going to visit Ocean – and Mama was arguing with Dad on the phone about something. Since Pandora was gone and Mama was preoccupied at the moment, I had been left in charge of Mema for the evening. Much like everything else that fell to me, I didn’t mind. Mema had an amazing soul and gave some great advice when she could think correctly.


“Will you take me outside?” Mema’s voice was soft and hoarse but had more strength in it than I had heard for months.

‘Is that a good idea? You’re still on bed rest.’

“Just for a little while.” She was practically pleading by now. I felt terrible for her. She was cramped inside this house at all times, unable to help herself. Restrained to live out her life in a bed she couldn’t leave no matter how much she may want to. We had a television installed in her room for her but you could only watch so many sitcoms and dramas before your brain began to melt – I knew that better than anyone.

‘Okay, but just for a little bit.’

“Thank you, darling,” She grunted as she sat up, using up an abnormal amount of energy just to swing her legs over the side of the bed, “grab me my cane.”

I nodded, grabbing the wooden device off of her nightstand before rushing to her side.


Even with a cane Mema couldn’t usually walk alone. Despite this fact when I went to balance her she shrugged me off and took a shaky step forward. Then another. And another.  A huge smile broke across my lips as I slowly treaded behind her. Maybe she would be ok, she had to be improving if she could finally walk on her own after months of being restrained to her bed.

Warmth snuck into my belly, spreading out to every limb slowly until my fingers and toes were tingling. The sun was huge in the sky, slowly making its descent as its rays lit up the sky for the last few hours of daylight. When Mema got to the porch steps she continued to refuse my help but I held my hands out, determined to catch her if she did lose her balance. Her face scrunched up in pain and determination but soon she was firmly planted in the grass.


“Estelle, you’ve been doing a good job.” Mema praised when we reached her small garden. It wasn’t anything too impressive but it brought in tomatoes, lettuce and apples. I had always thought I had done a lackluster job so her words brought color to my pale cheeks.

I watched in silence as my grandmother attempted to bend down to check on a head of lettuce. Her wince of pain brought me to her side instantly.

“Please, child, I’ll be fine. Don’t worry about me.”  I frowned at her defiance but nodded, slipping away so she could work in peace. I meant to keep an eye on her but was quickly distracted by the fluffy wisps of white in the sky. The outdoors was an unknown venture for me – having only indulged in it a handful of times since birth. One of the activities Mithos and I often did together was look for shapes in the clouds from the windows – longing for the gentle breeze against our faces.


As the puffs of white collected and dispersed with the wind I began to play the old game and instantly noticed a dog off to my right. Spinning around on my heels, I began to inspect the blue behind me. There were huge, puffy clouds looming in the distance but try as I might they would not turn into a recognizable shape. Just a mass of gray, content to just be a blob of condensation.


“So, you DO come outside.” I had never jumped so high in my entire life. The male voice that shattered the silence was vaguely recognizable but it did nothing to calm my racing heart – mostly because it was not my father’s voice. I squinted against the dimming rays of afternoon – spinning around and dropping my eyes from the sky at the same rate as my stomach flopped. The familiar purple ‘bow filled my vision and I found myself furiously scribbling,

‘What do you want?’

He raised a dark brow, reading my short sentence with a sort of lazy look upon his face before regarding me again, “I stopped by to see if Panda needed a ride.”

I frowned, a mixture of emotions swelling up in the pit of my gut. Liquid heat burned my veins with same intensity that my heart mourned. I had known it all along. Realized that Pandora had been lying to me – dodging me. His confirmation of the fact, however, hurt much more then speculation. I found myself playing dumb, anyways.


‘A ride where?’

The surprise that seeped into his eyes stunned me momentarily, “She hasn’t told you?”

I chanced a glance at my Mema, who had stopped working on her garden momentarily in order to watch me converse with the stranger on our lawn. She knew that a few weeks back we had had a strange visitor come a few times and seemed nervous. I shot her my best attempt at a reassuring smile. Though I was certain it was forced, she turned back to the tomato plant she had been tending to.

‘Told me what?’


He laughed lightly, a sound I wasn’t used to hearing, “I should have figured she wouldn’t be keeping her side of the deal.”

‘What deal!’ I wrote angrily, annoyed that he was speaking to himself rather than answering the question I had asked.

If I thought his eyes were stunning the smile he shot me must have been invented by the devil himself – a device conceived to ensnare un-expecting women, “I took her to an Uprising meeting with me. To a few, if we’re being honest. In return she was supposed to convince you to come with her once she saw that they were safe,” He paused for a moment before adding, “Which they are.”

I frowned, the feeling of betrayal returning tenfold. I had been in his company for less than five minutes and I already felt exhausted – emotions strained. One minute the news of Pandora’s secrets and lies would rest on my shoulders and the next I would catch a glimpse of this man’s lips and forget what I was even thinking about just seconds earlier, ‘If she hasn’t told me then she doesn’t think they’re safe.’

“Do you always let people tell you what to do?”


“Your sister. Your father. Your mother. Do you always do what they say?”


I bit my lip, unsure how to answer. It was true that I rarely made decisions on my own. If I went anywhere it was because Pandora harassed me into it. I never questioned mother – or father – I always did the chores that were asked of me and behaved as they thought I should. Then again, the one time I had disobeyed lead to catastrophic…

His voice interrupted my thoughts, “You can come with me, you know.”

I held up the same piece of paper I used just a second ago –the one that had ‘What’ scrawled across it.


“You’re an adult. You can decide for yourself whether or not you like it. Whether or not it’s safe.”

I looked at my feet as my brain went into overdrive mode. Never get into cars with strangers. That was rule number one – common sense. I had no idea was this man was capable of. Then again, Pandora always came home safely – never a bruise dusting her pale skin or an injury that hinted that he was a threat.


My gaze rose to his outstretched hand, his face calm and lips twitched into a small grin. I was scared, hands shaking uncontrollably, as I pressed my small palm into his callused one.

His fingers intertwined with mine and I knew there was no going back.

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Chapter Two: An Unwelcome Visitor

I was watching Pandora get ready for a night out on the town with one of her friends when the doorbell rang. The soft chimes floated to the back of the house, startling us both from our make-up oriented thoughts. No one ever came to visit us. Even now that Pandora had been going out on the town – she never invited anyone over or told anyone where we lived. That only left Ivy and Cameo – who would only be here to visit Dad.

Only Daddy wasn’t here right now.

Panda and I exchanged glances for a moment before my twin gave me a small shrug and turned on her three inch heels, “I’ll go see who it is, I guess.”

I bit my bottom lip, slowly following her out of our shared bathroom and down the hallway – only peaking around the corner far enough to see my sister’s silk covered back. Her petite figure tensed when she saw whoever was on the other side of the doorway and I found myself craning my neck in an attempt to get a better look.

“I’m not interested.” Pandora stated simply, closing the door in the strangers face. It didn’t slam shut, much to Panda’s annoyance, due to the stranger’s foot being shoved in its path.

“I’m not selling anything.” I blinked a few times, remembering the gruff voice from somewhere.

“I said I wasn’t interested ,” Panda began, “As in, I am not interested in anything you have to say to me.”

“That’s fine since my business isn’t with you.” The male voice said dismissively.

“That’s unfortunate since I am the only one home right now.” Her smile was forced as she crossed her arms over her chest, hip jutting out. She clearly was not impressed by the man in front of her.

I squealed in surprise as a rugged purple face appeared in the window beside the door, peering in the window panes that had been left open. Though I pushed myself flesh against the wooden wall behind me I knew it was already too late, that I had been spotted. I remembered those high cheek bones, the stubble that graced his strong jawline. There was no mistaking that it was the same Berry I had clumsily bumped into a few days ago.

“I would beg to differ.”

“You aren’t getting through this door.” Pandora sounded bored despite the situation. I was jealous of her composed nature since I was basically hyperventilating at the sight of the lilac berry.

“I just want to ask her a question.”

“Yea, well, ask me.”

“I thought you weren’t interested in talking to me?”

“I’m not.”

His laughter drifted through the crack in the door and to my ears and for a moment I felt my fear disappear, “Alright then,” even though he was supposed to be asking Panda I could tell he raised his voice in an attempt for me to hear, “I’d like her to come to an Uprising meeting.”

“Why would you want her to do that?”

“I saw her eyes.”

My gasp was audible to my own ears as I realized my carelessness could once again end up causing problems for my family. Tears stung my eyes as Pandora rolled hers, “I’ll be sure to pass the message along.”

“Hey, how am I going to know her answer?”

“You won’t. That’s the point.” And then I heard the door slam shut.

It didn’t take long for Panda to round the corner, sighing as my cowering form came into sight. A stranger had seen my eyes. He knew where I lived. He could ruin everything with one slip of a tongue and Panda had just blown him off.

“Get up.”

I shook my head, feeling much too weak to stand on my own.

“Come one Estelle. Let’s go watch a movie.”

‘Aren’t you afraid?’

“Of what?” She paused, realizing I was referring to the purple ‘bow that could still be lurking outside for all we knew, “Him? Nah. He’s not going to do anything.”

‘How can you be so sure?’ I stared up into my sister’s grey contacts, once again amazed at how composed she seemed. She never let any situation ruffle her feathers. Her pink frosted lips pulled into a smile and she shrugged, pulling me off of the ground.

“He wants something from us,” Pandora stated simply, dragging me into the back of the house so we could watch television, “I’ll stay in tonight. Just let me call Ocean.”

‘You don’t have to do that.’ I wrote sloppily as my feet shuffled along behind her. I felt terrible. The first time I go into town in years and a complete stranger sees my eyes. Then a few days later he shows up at my house. Now I was ruining my sister’s plans by being a pathetic mess.

“Oh, stop writing and pick out a movie.” She rolled her eyes at me, clearly annoyed as she pulled out a cell phone and began texting someone – Ocean, presumably.

Even though the guilt gnawed away at my stomach, a small smile spread across my lips. Watching a movie on the couch reminded me our childhood. A simpler time. Back when Pandora would put in an ‘R’ rated horror flick and hold me down – forcing me to watch all the gory  glory occurring on screen. Back when Mithos would bore us both to death with his science documentaries.

I bit my bottom lip as my fingers grazed over the DVD cases; only linger for a second on the Blue Planet. I thought momentarily about putting it in, it had been his favorite, but instead plucked out Tangled.

Some memories were better off buried.


For the next three days in a row the purple ‘bow showed up at our doorstep. He never stayed long – usually no more than thirty minutes – before he would jump back into his beat up vehicle and drive off. He never did anything while he was here. He rang the doorbell and gave the door a few loud whacks and then just stood there. Sometimes he would pace. I knew because I often would watch him with Pandora through the window frame.

It wasn’t like he didn’t know we were watching him. He did. Pandora even smirked at him and waved him goodbye once. Occasionally he would shout something; probably hoping we could understand his muffled voice. We couldn’t.

On the third day Pandora opened the door and said a few hushed words to him. I wasn’t really sure what she said or what he said in return but whatever it was, it made him leave. I didn’t think any of it at the time but then a day passed and he didn’t return. Then another. And another. Until it had almost been a week since the purple berry had come to bother us.

We were getting ready for bed when I finally decided to ask her about it. I tapped her on the shoulder, just to get her attention, before scribbling down, ‘What did you say to that guy?’

Pandora frowned when she saw my little message. Her eyebrows furrowed and small wrinkles appeared on her forehead. For a moment I thought she might not answer me but slowly she opened her mouth, “Don’t worry about it, Estelle. It doesn’t matter.” She strolled out of the bathroom easily, clearly done with her explanation.

It was my turn to frown as I tailed her back into our bedroom. She was already climbing up the latter into her top bunk by the time I had finished my next question, ‘Why won’t you tell me?’

“Because it doesn’t matter.”

‘If it didn’t matter you would tell me.’

“Estelle, do you have to be so fudging annoying? Just leave it alone!” She effectively ended our conversation by throwing the covers over her head.

I sighed, following her example as I crawled into my own bed. My pen and paper tucked safely under my pillow, I tossed and turned restlessly until sleep finally took over.

I wasn’t sure what time it was when the bed began to quiver slightly. The motion stirred me out of my slumber but I didn’t jolt out of bed in fear. Instead my eyes slowly fluttered open, fighting desperately to fall back under the velvet veil of my eyelids. Another small quiver caused them to lose that fight. The room was still drenched in the night and it took a second for my eyes to adjust to lighting before I realized that Panda had scaled down from her bunk.

I didn’t move, the feeling in the pit of my stomach told me not to draw attention to myself, as she yanked on a hoodie from one of our dressers. Her silver hair fell around her delicate face as her eyes scanned the floor for some unknown objected. Her face lit up and soon her sneakers were on her feet and she was creeping through the bedroom door.

She was about to walk through the door frame when she paused for a moment. She turned back to glance at me but I slammed my eyes shut, pretending to still be in the clutches of sleep, until the faint click of the door echoed in the cool air.

As soon as the door shut I flung my blankets off, soaring out of bed as quietly as I could. My feet practically glided across the floor, pass my brother’s empty bed, as I heard the front door squeak open and then shut.

By the time I made it to the front of the house, peering out of the window frame with wide-eyes, Pandora was already standing some yards away.  Her back was blocking my view of a man but I had clear vision of a young woman. Her arms were crossed over her chest, a smirk on her lips as she spoke animatedly to my sister.

It wasn’t until they all headed into the blue car parked across the street that the man’s purple face popped into view. I felt myself frown at the sight of him, hands bundling into small fists at my side, as a nasty feeling swelled up inside me. I wasn’t sure if he saw me standing there, watching him leave with the mystery girl and my sister in tow, but I thought he smiled in my direction.

Generation 2

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Generation 2

Chapter One: Here We Go Again

October fifteenth was always an exceptionally solemn day in my house. Mama rarely did anything besides cry even though Daddy always made sure he didn’t have any meetings, showings or clients booked in order to be with her. For a long time Mema had picked up the slack, cooking for us whenever she could and taking care of chores to the best of her ability. She was getting older though and her illness was slowly eating away at her. Good days were far scarcer than her bad ones since her doctor had put her on bed rest.

This left me with the chore of making breakfast most mornings – including today. I could have asked Daddy or Panda to cook something up but they were both culinary impaired. I didn’t feel like having burnt waffles or cereal nor did the idea of a fire particularly thrill me. Panda sat behind me, watching quietly as I stirred the pancake batter around in a bowl and the pan on the stove began to sizzle. I knew she wanted to say something, could see it in her eyes, but she kept her mouth shut. Probably because she knew I’d have to stop what I was doing in order to write down a response. My muteness annoyed her to no end. She knew as long as I wasn’t speaking I was still blaming myself for what happened today five years ago. Despite the silence that stretched between us, I liked having Panda around. Her presence had always been a calming one; she and Daddy were always so strong. I had always wished I was more like them.

Pandora reached for a plate as I filled it with the apple saturated pancakes. It was a routine for her to be the one to wake up our parents and deliver food to Mema. After all, her voice was much more effective at getting people moving than my pen and paper.  “I’ll be right back.”  She called over her shoulder. I just nodded and continue to fill plate after plate with pancakes, wincing as she began hollering, “Mom. Dad. WAKE UP!”

By the time Daddy wandered into the room, hair not brushed back, I had already set the table for us and taken my usual seat. He walked over to me, kissing my forehead, before plopping down in a chair. Unlike me and Panda, he was still in his pajamas, “Thank you for cooking, Estelle.” He mumbled sleepily. I smiled and quickly scribbled down ‘No problem, Daddy’, holding it up for him to read.

Panda arrived with Mama in tow, whose face was stained with tears. She had cried herself to sleep last night – we both had heard it. Mama took a seat next to Daddy but never once touched him. It was odd, watching Mama and Daddy interact with each other. They often rotated around each other, never touching or showing affection. Yet, whenever Daddy got home after a long absence Mama’s eyes lit up in a way I hadn’t seen since Mithos’ death. I was sure they were still absolutely in love with each other and just no longer knew how to show it.

We began eating and the silence stretched on. It had never really bothered me – the silence. Even if we did speak, it wasn’t like I had much to talk about. My whole life had taken place under this roof. Every memory and lesson I had learned had happened right here in these hallways and between these walls. Well, every memory but one.

“That’s it!” I jumped at the sudden eruption of sound, both from Pandora’s throat and the clattering of silverware as she tossed her fork at her plate, “Look at us! What are we doing?”

I looked at Mama and Daddy, who look just as stunned as I was. Dad’s mouth was open, frozen mid bite, as he looked from Mama to Panda. Mama snapped out of it first, frowning at her middle child, “We are respecting the memory of your brother.”

“No. We aren’t. He wouldn’t want this!”

“What would he want, Pandora?” I had never seen Mama angry at us before. Upset, yes. Angry, no.

Panda stared at Mama, seemingly at a lost for words at the moment. Eventually she took a deep breath, her own anger resolving, “I don’t know. I do know that he wouldn’t want us to sit around, wallowing in self-pity for the rest of our lives. He’d want us to live our lives to the fullest, fuller even, for him. He’d want today to be like any other other day.”

“Panda,” Daddy’s voice was soft, “Today will never be like any other day to us.”

Her anger retuned, “Because you won’t let it!”

Panda’s chair flew out from beneath her as she stood, storming out of the kitchen. Silence fell over the three of us, none of us knowing what to say to the other. I quickly decided I had lost my appetite and stood up as well, setting Panda’s chair back up as I went to wash my dish and hers.

“What do you think, Estelle?” Dad’s voice was filled with worry and I could practically feel his eyes on my back. I just shrugged in response. I knew my brother wouldn’t have wanted his death to cause such a deep fissure in the foundation of our family but I also knew it felt wrong to act like everything was ok.

‘I’m going to go check on Panda.’ I scribbled quickly, holding up the note for both my parents to read after I was done with the dishes.


“Come with me, Estelle.”



I frowned at Pandora. She had been outside plenty of times in the last year. Father had purchased her colorless contacts from some Sim company when she told him about her plans to go outside. He said he would allow it as long as she wore them. So far they seemed to work fairly well.

‘How am I supposed to hide my hair?’ I wrote. Panda raised an eyebrow at my paper before digging around in a dresser drawer. A few seconds later a white scarf was clenched between her hands.

“You can pile it on top of your head and put it in here.” She said simply, “Or dye it like I’ve been begging you to.”

I shook my head at that idea. I had already told her I refused to dye my hair. It didn’t feel right, to cover up what I was. Perhaps it was because I knew that my brother would not approve.

“You have to go outside eventually, Estelle. You can’t cage yourself like a bird for the rest of your life.” My impassive expression urged on her rant, “I know you don’t want to die alone or become a crazy cat lady. Just one time, please?” She pleaded, busting out the puppy dog eyes.

She never fought fair.

I snatched the white scarf out of her hand and threw it on top of my head. Pandora grinned devilishly, knowing she had won.


The drive into town caused my stomach to do back flips. My fingers tingled and my leg bounced restlessly as I fidgeted uncomfortably. Panda, in comparison, looked calm as she hummed along to some song on the radio. It was a pretty terrible song, in my opinion, but I never really paid attention to the trends and pop culture. I had always been complacent in my own little bubble, reading a book. I had also never driven a car. After Panda had permission to leave the house, learning to drive had been the first thing she begged for. I wasn’t sure if she was much better than the average driver but I did know that she was better than she had been five years ago. Being able to properly reach the peddles probably had a lot to with it.

“Want to go shopping? Or to the movies?” Pandora asked, turning down the deafening music as she pulled into a parking lot. I shrugged, not really caring what we did. I was much too nervous to worry about having fun. As soon as my feet hit the concrete I was shivering and it wasn’t from the cool October air, either.

“Estelle, nothing is going to happen.” Panda sighed, walking over to me and slinging an arm around my shoulders, “I promise you, alright? I’ll beat them up if they so much as touch you. We’re not kids anymore.”

Her words did little to soothe me as I did not want her trying to protect me. I’d much rather her save herself than risk injury for my sake. I kept that sentiment to myself and followed her silently around a building, onto the main street. Instantly, my eyes were filled with bright colors and lavish surroundings. I had never seen buildings as tall as these before, so shiny and inviting. The street itself was pretty empty – it was a Monday afternoon – but the restaurants were bustling with the lunch crowd. I squinted against the sun hanging high in the crisp sky, eyes beginning to itch from the contacts I had in.

“Want a pair of sunglasses?” My sister sounded sympathetic as she took notice of my pained expression, “I remember how painful it was adjusting to the light outside at first, too.”

I gave her a small smile and nodded, allowing myself to be lead into some kind of clothing boutique.

‘Can I take the contacts out?’ I asked once a pair of sunglasses were securely resting on my nose. Panda snorted, staring into my eyes though the tinted glasses. She circled me a few times, trying to see how noticeable my eyes were from different angles before she nodded her approval.

“Let’s get something to eat and you can take them out in the bathroom. Just be careful, alright?”

Pandora didn’t ask what I wanted to eat; she just continued to drag me around the downtown area until we arrived outside a small bistro. It was a quaint little shop that emanated a sweet fragrance and brought saliva to my tongue. The hostess gave us a wide smile as she asked us how many we were and where we’d like to dine. Panda answered appropriately and we were soon seated outside on the patio, large menus in hand.

After our food had been order I quickly excused myself. The restrooms were located in the back and I gracefully maneuvered around polished tables and busy servers, breathing a sigh of relief as I finally made it inside the women’s room. A quick check of the stalls proved that I was alone and I quickly locked the door to stop anyone else from joining me.

I set my glasses down on the marble counter top and looked at my reflection. Panda had done my makeup for our little escapade so my cheeks were rosy under the florescence lights, lips shimmering pink with lip gloss. I opened one of my eyeliner rimmed eyes wide and attempted to take out the colorless contact that was hiding the bright yellows that lay beneath. I couldn’t stand touching my own eyeball and it took a few times before I actually succeeded in removing the thin pieces of silicone. The relief was immediate and I found myself sighing from the comfort my eyes were suddenly experiencing.

I slipped my sunglasses back on, riding on cloud nine as I practically waltzed out of the restroom. I only got five steps out before I crashed into something solid and undoubtedly warm. I stumbled backwards, falling onto my butt with a thud, as my notebook and glasses went crashing to the floor around me.

I vaguely heard a distinctly male voice clamoring that it was his fault, spewing apologizes. Eyes squeezed shut, I felt around for my missing items.

“Looking for these?”

I cracked my eyes open as little as possible, one hand pulling my scarf lower on my head. A lilac hand was outstretched towards me, my white sunglasses in his hands. I slammed my eyes closed again and nodded, feeling fire lick at my neck and cheeks as his fingers caressed against my skin, placing the glasses back onto my nose. I inwardly prayed that he hadn’t seen my eyes nor noticed the blood rushing to my face as I rung my poor notebook nervously in my pale hands.

I chanced a glance up at him now that my eyes were safely hidden from him. His hand was still stretched out towards me and for a moment I flinched, excepting him to strike me.

“Hey, what’s the matter?” I blinked, slowly reopening my eyes when I realized he was now squatting down next to me, “Are you hurt?”

I shook my head slowly. Even if I hadn’t forbid myself from speaking I wouldn’t have been able to make a sound. I had lost all chance at coherency the moment my eyes met his purples. With his defined nose and high cheek bones, I imagined many girls forgot how to breathe when they tried to speak to him.

“Here let me help you up,” His hand reached out and I involuntarily cringed away again, causing him to sigh, “I can’t help you if you won’t tell me what’s wrong.”

The sound of his voice did little to clear my thoughts but I managed to open my notebook to a blank page and wrote down, ‘Sorry, I can’t speak’. I could feel his eyes on me as I wrote the simple word in my best handwriting, flipping the page up so he could read it easily.

“Why are you- Oh. Oh jeez. I’m an idiot.” He grinned at me sheepishly, rubbing the back of his head, “I didn’t know, sorry.” I just shrugged in response, a stupid smile taking over my lips. This time when he reached out, I didn’t cower away. Instead I allowed him to pull me back onto my feet.

I quickly penned down, ‘Thank you and sorry. I should have been watching where I was going.’ I don’t know why, but I took the extra second to make sure every letter was perfect before I let him read.

“Don’t worry about it.” The smile he flashed me caused my heart to pound out of control and the fire to begin crawling up my neck again. I bowed my head slightly before turning around to head back to Panda. I only got two steps before my hand was caught, stopping my retreat. My heart dropped and I whipped around, eyes wide with fear.

“Have we met before? You look oddly familiar.” I shook my head vigorously, sucking in a deep breath of air as his hand fell away from mine, “My bad, then.”

His eye burnt holes into my back as I scurried away.

“What took you so long?”   Panda waved her fork at me accusingly as I sat down across from her. I shrugged, trying to ignore her question by eating the food that had arrived in my absence.

“Oh, for fudge sake, Estelle. Out with it!”

I bit my bottom lip and raised my gaze to her and then the lilac berry who had finally averted his gaze elsewhere, “Oh, a boy?” Estelle asked, wiggling her eyebrows suggestively at me. I rolled my eyes at her, scribbling down in my usual chicken scratch, ‘I think he might have seen my eyes. Maybe’.

Panda’s playful expression instantly fell and she pushed back her chair slowly,  “If he saw your eyes then we have to go.” I nodded, understanding her worry. If he saw my eyes it could lead to a lot of trouble. Heck, it could cause a lot of trouble right now if he wasn’t a fan of the idea of Mixed Berries. Panda threw a wad of cash onto the table, not bothering to ask or wait for a check to arrive. Instead she took her hand in mine and steered me out of the small bistro.

It might have been my imagination but I could have sworn the lilac berry stood up as we departed.


A.N: I tried to write in first person like I would in third. Let me know if you like it or not. I am still finding writing in first person challenging.

I also get my wisdom teeth removed Friday. So, there will not be an update this weekend.